Home General News #FIXTHECOUNTRYGHANA:The Country is stagnant we are being let down-Kaly Jay hammers

#FIXTHECOUNTRYGHANA:The Country is stagnant we are being let down-Kaly Jay hammers


Agitated Ghanaian youth have recently rised up to question the government for it short comings towards the progress of the country.

This movement began as an online protest initiated by Twitter influencer Kaly Jay where hashtags were established to fix the country by correcting and amending all wrong in the system.

Kaly Jay in an interview on HitzFM Day break hitz stated that nothing goes on in this country and he feels Ghanaians are being let down.

The leaders make the decisions and we are the ones who suffer for it. When they go for loans, we are the ones who are tasked to pay. The country is stagnant. I feel we are being let down. It hurts, he asserted.

Kaly Jay added that there are offices occupied by old people in the country who dont have the technical know how to powerpoints but still wont give space for the young equipped ones.

However he stated the police stopped their demostration yesterday due to Covid restrictions but measures have been laid down for another protest come 9th May,2021.

The #FIXTHECOUNTRYGHANA protest seeking for the attention of Ghanaian leaders to put in place all hinderances affecting development in the country and not a stepping stone for the opposition parties.


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