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I have time for money,not drama and insults-Fella Makafui


Ghanaian actress cum entrepreneur Mrs.Precious Frimpong better known as Fella Makafui has revealed her desire to make money despite all insults from critics.

Fella Makafui of YOLO revealed in a fresh interview with Abeiku Santana on Peace FM that she is not much concerned when people rain insults on her.

She explained that she does not care about what people say or think about her especially insults because she sees it as a motivation to keep her going in life.

Fella Makafui added that her interest is rather in her family and making more money not insults and drama from people most especially on social media.

“I really love money,that is why I have drawn tattoos about money on my skin to ginger me to work for it” she stated.

However,Fella Makafui asserted that her followers on Instagram keeps going up which brings her more marketing and advertising promos as a results of trolls from people which indirectly pushes her forward.

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