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Every independent woman is the man of the house-Afia Schwarzenegger blasts dependant husbands


Ghanaian comedienne and media personality, Queen Afia Schwarzenegger has explained in her own words who really is the head of the house when it comes to marriage.

Speaking on UTV’s United Showbiz,Afia Schwarzenegger gave detailed information about what led to her divorced.

She explained that she couldn’t find joy in her marriage because her husband was not helping when it comes to keeping the house in terms of money and other household necessities.

Afia Schwarzenegger said on live TV that she took care of almost everything in the house when her husband did all the minor stuffs at home and this made become the husband and not the wife the man.

“I was always the one who goes to work to earn to put food on the table to feed him and my children,he did not to support. He only goes service my car when it’s fautly and other minor stuffs..this makes me the husband and him the wife so I had to divorced him because I found no joy in the marriage” she stated.

Adding to this she stated every independent woman who takes care of the family is rather the husband of the marriage and the always dependent men are the wives.

As for her,she divorced and ended the marriage because she found no joy in it and on the day of divorced was one of the happiest days in her life.

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