Look at what the President of Rwanda is doing for his country-Efia Odo hammers on #FIXTHECOUNTRY agenda


    Social media has been buzzing for close to a month now due to how Ghanaian youth are eager to see transformation in the socio-economic living by calling on the government of Ghana to fix all inefficiencies in the system.

    One of the frontliners of the agenda,Efia Odo,social media activist has been very consistent in drawing the attention of the leaders of state to put things in place for a better standard of living in Ghana.

    In her recent post on Twitter, Efia Odo made a comparison between Ghana and Rwanda in terns of how the President has been able to strive through hardship to make their country a better place now.

    Efia Odo emphasised that Ghana could be in a better position as Rwanda but since our political parties i.e the NPP and NDC are always competingwith each other, we find it difficult to find solutions to our problems.

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