NSMQ:St.Louis SHS beats Kumasi Girls and other 2 schools to qualify to the next round.


    The National Science and Maths Quiz once again  have been on it toes to help elevate students learning abilities in Science and Maths through quiz this year.

    Over it years they have been recounted as the best quiz competition in the country and also paving way for students to further their education.

    This year’s competition stands out among the past years and have been a exciting to withness and experience with regards to how questions are posed to students and how they are intelligently answered.

    The the Ashanti Regional Championship in the first contest, consisted of surviving schools from previous contest as KNUST SHS, St.Louis SHS,Adventist SHS and Kumasi Girls.

    After the first round where St.Louis took the lead with twenty-seven points were able to be in the lead with a stellar performance till the end of the whole contest.

    Finishing in a comfortable lead with fifty(50) points, with KNUST SHS emerging second with thirty-five(35) points,twenty-five(25) points with Adventist SHS coming third and Kumasi Girls SHS placing last with twenty-two(22) points.

    Indeed it was a good run for the girls of St.Louis battling their way out with these schools to come first at the end of the contest to qualify to the next round.

    We say Kudos to St.Louis Senior High School!!!


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