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Prophet who claimed earlier that Odehyieba Priscilla sleeps with her producers shamefully apologises

Odehyeba Priscilla
Odehyeba Priscilla
Source: GHPage News

A hungry for fame prophet who came out to prophesy that young worshipper Odehyieba Priscilla sleeps with her producers has reversed his statement, apologises for making those pronouncements.

Prophet Paul Cobbina, referred to as the “Libya Prophet” because of his near-death experience during his trip to the North African country said “God has revealed to me the 13-year-old worshipper sleeps with her producers.”

“You know I am a prophet and not just a prophet on this earth but I go into the spirit. Not long ago, I saw this young worshipper ‘Odehyieba Priscilla'(sic). I have tried to make contact but they cut me off when they realise it is me.” He stated.

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“Those who producer the girl sleeps with her. They encourage her to cry, prophesy, act up during her worship ministration. You are a young lady, Priscilla, you are too young. They shouldn’t allow her to fool because she is too young.

They shouldn’t push her beyond her limit and keep sleeping with her. If you (Priscilla) do not take care, you will not get a husband and they will still continue to sleep with you” The prophet whom at the time claimed to be in the spirit continued to declare.

The so-called prophet has come begging days after making those unfounded allegations under the pretence of prophecy.

He visited the home of the 13-year-old worshipper and was seen kneeling in front of her guardians – pleading for forgiveness. In a subsequent interview, he confessed to not seeing it physically and claims it was in a dream.

He pleaded for forgiveness from Priscilla’s fans and admitted to making a big mistake.

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