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Shatta Wale is the most inconsistent and confused artiste in Ghana-Arnold Asamoah tells


Shatta Wale has been making most of the headlines after his return from the States a week ago which has sparked many talks and speculations.

Last week Wednesday ,the Shatta Movement President addressed the music industry live on social media after he was captured creating a scene with constructors working on road.

In his address he pointed out certains facts he thinks if attention is drawn to will yield better results for the industry after meeting various music investors in the States.

Among his numerous points Shatta stated that while he was in the States he baffled himself to know the music genre Ghana is best known for and how to put us in the globe.

Shatta Wale also made a proposition that major music events shouldn’t only be organised in Accra but to other region and also ninety percent of Ghanaian music on the airplay and ten percent for foreigners.

Arnold Asamoah Baidoo,blogger, on United Showbiz, UTV stated that Shatta Wale is the most confused and inconsistent artiste in the country.

Why because all the major facts Shatta pointed out in his address have already been a discussion on radio and TV for a long time now with which he(Shatta Wale) never supported but always insulted media personalities for not playing a vital role in the industry.

Adding up to this, Arnold stated that although he knows most SM fans will come wild at him, he insists Shatta Wale should live an exemplary life for other to follow in order to promote the music industry.


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