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Watch video:The truth behind Funny Face arrest revealed


Celebritiesvibe.com following news and updates on the arrest of Funny Face has now brought to it’s  viewers what lead to his arrest with such duress.

Funny Face was arrested few days ago by the police service which videos of it popped up on social media of how he was brutally sent to the police station.

Various netizens and social media users kept on asking what was really the case of his arrest to the extent of him being beaten up.

In a video of Funny Face Insulting colleague actor Salinko for being against him with regards to his arrest he explained to the public why Salinko should not support the police.

Funny Face narrated that he was at a bar when a fierce fight popped up with most people pulling out knives and other weapons. He then decided to flee to his house to save his life when he saw two motorbikes chasing him in his car.

I had to pulled a warning shot to stop the from coming at me to save my life, he added.

He then continued to jab Salinko and dared to reveal secrets about him if he continues to be against him.

Watch video below: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CLKE3vDjULX/?igshid=8k9xy56ssgn