Covid 19:UENR panics as they confirm positive cases.


    The University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR) has confirmed positive cases of Covid 19 as school continue to run.

    Sources say,the institution which is situated at the Bono Region has confirmed five positive cases of Covid 19 among the student.

    This has raise fear and tension among the student and their surroundings as the disease can be transmitted easily if care is not taken.

    The Medical Officer of UENR,Dr.Solomon Fofie told the media that they have their Covid 19 team working very hard to curb all dangers of the disease down.

    Also he added that all facilities have been put in place to ensure that all protocols are duly observed and also all and sundry showing symptoms are well taken care of to avoid a spread.

    Adding up he added that Covid is real but they are doing their best to avoid it wave in their institution.

    Also students Infected with Covid 19 in UENR are being treated well and also isolated from their colleagues as the Covid 19 team in the school also work to control the spread as instructed by government hence no student has been confirmed dead.