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Ways to deal with the news of your ex getting married


After having a strong connection and making the most memorable thoughts together, it reaches that point where couples just part ways due to one reason to another.

After several years, ending up receiving news of an ex getting married might hurt.

That is acceptable as you once shared something special between the two you.

But how you are going to deal with this news matters a lot. Here are some tips on how to deal with the fact that your ex is getting married.

1. Do not stalk them

After getting such news, it is automatic that one will be tempted to stalk their ex. However, that would be a bad idea. Do not try stalking them, just accept that they are now happy and doing well. Stalking them will result in making you feel miserable.

2. Keep yourself busy

To avoid yourself from thinking about the news a lot, it is important to keep yourself busy. Go to the gym, swimming pool, watch a movie, or even try to cook a new recipe. That way, you won’t be affected that much.

3. Share your feeling

If the news happens to hurt you, make sure that you speak out how you feel to a friend. That way, you will be able to control your emotions.